Jake Hoffman


I'm Jake,

and I'm a Software Engineer currently interested in graphics programming, assembly, and compilers.

I've messed around with plenty of tools in the past, but currently I've been doing a lot of work with Python and C++. I've also been intrigued with making a game/game-engine, and have been building out some features of one as I've been learning OpenGL and the lovely entity-component-system library EnTT.

If you're interested, take a look at some of the odds and ends I've built for the web here. Sometimes I am looking to make a quick mock-up of something I thought of, or just want to see how something will look. Regardless, I thought it might be nicer to throw it up on a separate page so others can see as well.

Connect with me on LinkedIn if you're interested in working together; or email me at jakehffn@gmail.com.